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Samandar Khan Samnandar

Samandar Khan Samnandar

Janas Khan better known as Samandar Khan Sarnandar was born in village Badrashee, Tehsil Nowshera in January 1 901 – He turned toward Poetry at the tender age of 6 years when he started reciting his own “Tapas”. Initially, he was introduced to traditional Masjid School, later on he was admitted in government primary school at Nowshera Cantt. He received formal education upto class IV.

He started to earn his livelihood as labourer during his teens, he worked as orderly Peon, Cook, Butler, Kochwan and Magician. During all this time he did not leave his first love of poetry and kept on writing quality prose and poetry.

In the year 1929 he became a member of “Tehreek-I-Islam-I-Afaghanan” later on he worked as ‘Khudaiee Khidmatgar:, he also worked in ‘Khaksar Movement’ and finally joined Muslim League.

He joined Pashto Service of Radio, Peshawar Station in 1943 as scriptwriter and authored innumerable talk shows, he also wrote more than 56 Radio Dramas.

His published and unpublished Poetry work consists of about 1,13,000 verses, more than half of which was published in 10 volumes with the title “Da Tawheed Trang”. He also authored several thousand pages of Prose. Special mention of his literary genius is due to his Pashto translation of “Asrar-i-Khudee” and “Ramooz-i-Bekhudee” by Allama lqbal. His contribution in the field on “Naat” is substantial.

He got married in 1935 and had children. He died on 17th January 1990.

Two students of Peshawar University got their degrees of M.Phil (1995) and Phd (1997) by publishing research paper on his work.

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