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Opposition parties form committee to check on poll rigging in NA-5

Mon, Aug 5, 2013 NOWSHERA: Opposition parties intensified their election campaign against provincial ruling party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf in district Nowshera for by-elections on NA 5 and formed different committees to monitor the election process and to stop any rigging during elections. “The situation has changed just in two months of PTI?rule and it is not easy for them to win the by-election,” said former Education Minister Sardar Hussain Babak while addressing meeting of opposition parties.
The only way, he added, PTI?could win the by-elections was using of government machinery in the by-elections.
The meeting was attended by large numbers of workers from Pakistan People’s Party, Awami National Party and Jamiat Ullama-i-Islam.
Prominent among the gathering were, former Provincial Minister for Information Mian Iftikhar Hussain, provincial general secretary of ANP Arbab Tahir, district ameer JUI-F Qari Muhammad Aslam, district president PPP former MNA Engineer Tariq Khattak, district president ANP Malik Juma Khan and former district Nazim and combinedcandidate for NA-5 Daud Khan Khattak.
They formed a combined election commission committee and legal aid committee to monitor the by-election process and procedure as they allegedly termed the previous general election as package to PTI form establishement.
“The previous election was not election at all rather it was selection. A package of establishment implemented here in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa,” leaders at the meeting they said.
Addressing the gathering Sadar Hussain Babak strongly condemned the performance of provincial government and said the government of Pervez Khattak had totally failed in all fronts.
“The cowardice performance of PTI-led government had aggravated the law and order situation in the province,” he said.
He alleged that irresponsible statements of Chief Minister Pervez Khan Khattak had downed the morale and confidence of police department and confused them on its direction.
Sadar said he will raise the issue in parliament that onwhich capacity chief of PTI Imran Khanwas chairing a meeting of provincial officers. He termed it against sprit of provincialautonomous.
Mian Iftikhar Hussain strongly condemned the provincial government and challenged the Imran Khan Khattak to stop Nato supply just for seven hours as they hadstopped for seven months in previous government.
He said Imran Khan had launched march against drone attack and reached to Waziristan but now what he said could not travel even to Dara Adam Khel.
Taliban has reached to Warsak Road, Budhber and also exist in the center of Peshawar; he termed it great threat to province due to ambiguous stand of PTI.
Mian said neither Imran khan was attending All Parties Conference nor starting negotiation with Taliban while other side Pukhtuns were losing their lives in attacks.
He said the politics of Imran Khan is out from hisunderstanding which confused the whole situation of province.He said Pervez Khan Khattak was terming the previous government as a corrupt government than he had NAB institution.
He said that Pervez Khattak should start the process of accountability against them. He said Chief Minister could not initiate accountability processas he himself was part of previous government and involved in corruption.
He said Pervez Khan Khattak has initiated rigging before theby-election in Nowshera and transferred various teachers, clerks and policeofficers to bring desire result in election. However, he warned that now theywould not lift them free to change the real mandate of people. He claimed thatthey would won election on NA, 1, NA 5 and NA 13 with collaboration of PPP andJUI (F). He also added they had started negoication of PML(N) and JI to casttheir votes to public against government .

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