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Ferozsons Laboratories Limited

Ferozsons Laboratories Limited

Ferozsons Laboratories Limited was created in 1954 as one of the first pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities in the fledgling state of Pakistan.89_1321216222
The company commenced operations in 1956, and in 1960 became the first Pakistani pharmaceutical company to be lister on the Karachi Stock Exchange.

Our cGMP compliant production facility in Nowshera is ISO 9001 certified and we are fully equipped with state of the art manufacturing and testing equipment. The facility consists of independent sections, each with its own dedicated air handling system to avoid cross-contamination between different classes of drugs being manufactured.

Our production capabilities include the manufacturing of tablets, capsules, syrups, suspensions, creams and ointments. Our facility control laboratory is among the best equipped in the industry and possesses Malver Particle Size Analyzers, High Performance Liquid Chromatographs (HPLC), Gas Chromatograph (GC), Fourier Transfer-IR Spectrophotometer and UV-Visible spectrometers, in addition to dissolution, disintergration, hardness and friability testers.

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