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Cherat Cement Factory

Cherat Cement Factory

A premier name in the field of cement manufacturing, was incorporated in 1981 and is listed on the Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad stock exchanges. The plant is located about 52 kilometers from Peshawar (NWFP) near Nowshera. The factory is built on land bordering the Cherat Hills, the factory’s source of high quality limestone. It is estimated that the limestone reserves are in excess of 400 million tons with more than sufficient quantity of slate.
Cherat Cement is manufacturing high quality grey portland cement on the most modem and computerized production facilities. It is equipped with the most updated production and quality control systems.
Cherat Cement is one of the largest producers and suppliers of cement in the province of NWFP. The production capacity of Cherat Cement is 2500 tons/ day.
The shareholders’ equity of the company as at June 30, 2002 was Rs. 916 million and it has total assets of Rs.1,631 million, with turnover exceeding Rs.1,422 million.

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